80+ Science Research Paper Topics Ideas For Students

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Essay writing or writing dissertation is an integral part of education at any level, middle school, high school, or college. Some of the most common essays are on science research topics, and they are also quite interesting. However, choosing research paper topics isn’t as straightforward as you’d like. You’ll need to carry out a survey on and draw inspiration from several scientific research topics before finally choosing one.

Choosing science topics, especially if they are argumentative essay topics, to write about can be a frustrating task, especially when science is a pretty wide subject. If you need inspiration on interesting science topics, we’ll give you some science research paper ideas. But, first, let’s talk about how to choose the best science research paper topics – it makes things easier.

Tips for Choosing Science Research Topics

Being a very broad subject, students often find choosing a science topic for a research paper difficult. However, the secret is knowing what scientific research questions will make for a good paper, and what people will want to read. So, when choosing science topics for papers, here are tips you can follow to make the task easier.

  • Choose cool science topics you’re interested in and that’ll interest your readers.
  • Search online for research question examples science for ideas on what your paper should be about.
  • Avoid choosing too-broad research topics for high school, to ensure your work is well detailed.
  • Consider contemporary scientific research questions concerning recent happenings; they can be fun to write
  • Read your notes and online academic papers for inspiration on good science research paper topics.
  • Choose simple but highly informative research topics for high school students.
  • Choose good science topics you have some knowledge of and can confidently talk about.
  • Learn how to choose science topics for high school to make things easier.
  • Be familiar with the dos and don’ts of choosing scientific research paper topics.
  • Choose a scientific topic for research papers that has enough accessible information.

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Science Topics

Knowing the dos and don’ts of choosing a science title helps you select a good topic and ultimately write an outstanding paper. So, when searching for science topics for presentations,

  • Do understand that there are different topics in science you can research on;
  • Do read extensively for science research paper ideas; it helps you know what to write about;
  • Don’t include words like “Research of” or “Study of” in your chosen science topics to research;
  • Don’t choose high school science research paper topics with scanty or inaccessible information available;
  • Do check online for interesting science research ideas on how to write your paper;
  • Feel free to ask your instructor, colleagues, or seniors for scientific research ideas.

What Are Some Science Topics You Can Write About?

When searching for interesting science topics or social media research topics related to science to writing on, you will find different ones on different subjects, which can be confusing. You can follow the tips we listed for choosing science-related topics for a research paper. Meanwhile, here are some science paper topics you can use if none is forthcoming.

Interesting Science Research Topics

  1. Is there a move for the Covid-19 vaccine?
  2. What “flattening the curve” means
  3. Molecular evidence of humans interbreeding with Neanderthals
  4. Impact of cardio exercise on heart health
  5. The importance of exploring the solar system
  6. Can a comet strike the earth?
  7. The Hubble Space Telescope
  8. Top ten chemistry careers

Ideas of Science Research Topics for High School Students

  1. Acid rain effect aquatic plants’ growth
  2. Room color and human behavior
  3. How can plants grow in pots?
  4. Water’s surface tension weight capacity
  5. What does the paleo diet mean?
  6. Is Pluto still a planet?
  7. The future of commercial space flight
  8. Do you inherit fingerprint patterns?

Science Research Topics for College Students

  1. Ways in which handwashing prevents the spread of the Covid-19 virus
  2. Molecular biological research on rare genetic disorders impact on understanding cancer
  3. Do men pass on genetic abnormalities to their posterity as they age?
  4. How can men’s exercise affect the traits they pass on to their children?
  5. Is there really life on Mars; has there ever been?
  6. Ways of solving the problem of junk space
  7. The importance of Dark Matter
  8. Black holes

Science Research Topics for Middle School

  1. Different ways to keep ice from defrosting
  2. Are pet hairs harmful to the human body?
  3. Some of the germs you’ve seen in your school
  4. The effect of music on your assimilation ability
  5. The types of food dogs prefer the best
  6. Good hygienic practices for keeping clean
  7. Foods that develop molds the fastest
  8. How different body parts aid the effective functioning of the system

Scientific Research Question Examples

  1. Do worms in the soil really affect plant growth and how?
  2. Can light brightness make plants grow well?
  3. What kinds of fertilizers work best, chemical or natural?
  4. Can mice (or any animal of your choice) learn?
  5. How can age affect the human reaction?
  6. Why does water boil faster when put in salt?
  7. Can food affect the heart, how?
  8. Can background noise interfere with learning and assimilation?

Science Presentation Ideas

  1. Can Higgs Boson destroy the universe?
  2. Effects of sunspots on man
  3. Should humans live in space?
  4. The most important technological innovations in medicinal chemistry in recent years
  5. The danger of chemicals emitted from pharmaceutical companies
  6. The importance of big data and bioinformatics to chemical research
  7. The sugar chemistry behind making candy
  8. Biomacromolecules

Cool Science Topics to Research

  1. Trends in India’s medicinal chemistry research
  2. Nuclear fusion
  3. Reproduction in mammals
  4. How do fish mate?
  5. How useful are science museums in teaching science?
  6. Why do birds have beautiful feathers?
  7. The safety of offshore drilling
  8. The importance of climate change legislation

Ideas of Scientific Topics for Research on Nanotechnology

  1. Hydraulic fracking’s negative effects
  2. Uses of microelectronics
  3. Nanotechnology in medicine
  4. Nanotechnology for cancer treatment
  5. Can nanofibers repair brain injuries?
  6. Effect of nanomedicine on human lifespan
  7. Nanomaterial
  8. How nanotechnology helps in patient diagnosis

Fascinating Ideas for Science Research Projects

  1. How to reduce antibiotic use in agriculture
  2. The ethics of stem cell research
  3. The best leukemia treatment
  4. Gene therapy
  5. Causes of skin cancer
  6. Colonoscopy testing on colon cancer
  7. Why eliminating malaria is difficult
  8. The possibility of predicting the next pandemic

Interesting Science Topics for High School Research Papers

  1. Do childhood vaccines prevent diseases?
  2. How cells shield the body against diseases
  3. Should wild animals interact with humans?
  4. Are self-driving cars good?
  5. Regulating sugar use
  6. Different types of headaches
  7. Can migraine cause death?
  8. The ideal weight for living long


Feel free to choose from this scientific research topics list for your science research paper. There are many things to research where science is concerned, including stem research topics, among others. There is no shortage of scientific topics to research and choosing the best one gets easy when you know how to. If you’ve chosen a topic and you need help writing on them, you can contact our professional writing service. We have a team of experts who can write on any science topic and ensure you meet your deadline.

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