100+ Top Technology Research Topics for Students

technology research topics

When pursuing their studies, learners are required to write papers and essays on technology research topics. This is a major academic task that influences the final grade that learners graduate with. But, the grades that students score are largely dependent on the technology topics that they opt to write about. Technology is generally a broad study field. As such, choosing research topics on technology is not always easy. If struggling to choose a good technology research topic for your academic paper or essay, here are some of the best ideas to consider.

Trendy Technology Research Topics

Perhaps, you need a prominent research topic about technology. In that case, you should consider prominent technology research paper topics. Here are some of the most trendy topics about technology to consider.

  1. Technology use in education (here is our list of 110 topics in education research)
  2. Space and technology studies (check out our top 30 space research topics)
  3. Current and stunning developments in technology
  4. Shocking inventions in modern technology that most people don’t know yet
  5. What technologies can be considered harmful and destructive?
  6. How does technology affect people’s values and health?
  7. Can humans be replaced by robots completely in the workplace?
  8. How have different countries contributed to modern technology developments
  9. Transport safety and technology
  10. Discuss the scope of the use of nanotechnologies
  11. Discuss the use of technology in medicine
  12. Which technologies can influence human mental health?
  13. Discuss how technology is changing human life
  14. What are the positive effects of technologies on personal safety?
  15. How does technology affect personal safety negatively?
  16. Discuss how modern technology facilitates the improvement of educational processes
  17. How do modern technologies influence users’ mental health?
  18. Why are robots likely to replace humans in the workplace?
  19. How has technology influenced space travel?
  20. Is food preservation technology safe?

This category also includes some of the most controversial technology topics. Nevertheless, each topic should be researched extensively before writing a paper or an essay.

Interesting Information Technology Topics

If pursuing a college or university program in information technology, this category has some of the best options for you. Here are some of the best information technology research topics to consider.

  1. How useful is unlimited data storage?
  2. How can humans manage large amounts of information?
  3. How blurred is the line between the human brain and a computer?
  4. Is entertainment technology something good or bad?
  5. Discuss the differences between digital reading and print reading
  6. How does Google impact the attention span of young people?
  7. How important are traditional research skills in the current era of advanced information technologies?
  8. How credible is the information provided by different platforms on the internet?
  9. Do blogs and books compare?
  10. Should schools and guardians encourage or discourage the use of media by children?
  11. Does Google provide the best information when it prefers its specific brands?
  12. Are humans losing the intelligence developed via conventional reading and research in the current digital age?
  13. How important is learning to how use social media, iPads, and Smart Boards?
  14. Should modern technologies be incorporated into teaching?
  15. How has Google search changed humans?
  16. How is intelligence gauged by humans?
  17. Is online information format making the readers skim rather than digest information?
  18. Is the ease of finding information on the internet something bad or good?
  19. Is technology changing how people read?
  20. Can using information technology make you smarter?

Students have many information technology research paper topics to choose from. However, select a topic that you find interesting to research and write about.

Interesting Science and Technology Topics

Are you looking for a science and technology-related topics? If yes, consider topics in this category. Here are some of the most interesting topic ideas in science and technology.

  1. Discuss the greatest technological and scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century
  2. How significant is number 0 in science and technology?
  3. How important is the first black hole image?
  4. Discuss the unlimited fractals’ perimeter despite their limited area
  5. How can a person perform mental calculations rapidly?
  6. Discuss the fourth dimension
  7. Discuss the math behind the Draft lottery by the NBA
  8. Differentiate non-parametric and parametric statistics
  9. Discuss the concept of something being random or impossible to prove mathematically
  10. Discuss some of the greatest modern age mathematicians
  11. How are the latest automobile technology improvements protecting the environment?
  12. Why are Smartphones resistant to viruses and bugs in comparison to computers?
  13. Discuss the Internet of Things story
  14. What made vector graphics mainstream and not pixels?
  15. Discuss the latest technology advances that relate to medicine
  16. Describe Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors
  17. Is it possible to power everything with solar energy?
  18. Explain why smart electronics get slower with time
  19. Differentiate closed and open systems in technology
  20. Discuss the process of converting old recordings into new formats

This category has amazing topics on technology and science. Select an idea that you find interesting to research and write a paper or essay about.

The Best Computer Technology Topics

If you’re pursuing a program on computer technologies, you will find educational technology topics in this category very interesting. Here are some of the best topics for technology and computers to consider.

  1. How can you describe the Machine Learning future?
  2. Discuss computer science that will be the most important in the future
  3. Discuss how big data and bioinformatics change biology
  4. What is the borderline for hardware and software in cloud computing?
  5. How moving everything to the cloud affects human life?
  6. Can robots become more intelligent and like people with reinforced learning?
  7. How can computer programmers enhance device protection with open-source getting trendier?
  8. Is Google becoming the first machine learning firm?
  9. Explain machine learning in detail
  10. Discuss the importance of machine learning
  11. Which sectors does machine learning affect the most?
  12. How will virtualization change the entertainment industry?
  13. Describe virtualization
  14. Can virtual reality be something bad or good?
  15. How will virtual reality change education?
  16. What can humans expect from the internet?
  17. What improvements can be made on the internet?
  18. How are robots changing the health sector?
  19. Are humans yet to invent any computer language?
  20. What will happen if most tasks that are currently done by humans are taken over by computers?

These are great technology essay topics to consider if pursuing a computer technology program in college or university. They can also be great technology debate topics. Nevertheless, extensive research is required when writing about any of these technology essay topics.

Controversial Topics in Technology for Research Papers and Essays

Are you looking for interesting technology topics that your audience will love to read about? If yes, consider one of these technology controversy topics to research and write about.

  1. Do law enforcement cameras invade privacy?
  2. Does the technology age turn humans into zombies?
  3. Has technology advancement led to a throw-away society?
  4. How has cloud technology changed data storage?
  5. How have Smartphones reduced live communication?
  6. Our modern technologies changing teaching?
  7. How does the use of IT by construction companies lead to under-spending and recession?
  8. Discuss the technologies used by NASA to explore Mars
  9. How dangerous are cell phones?
  10. How does media technology affect child development?
  11. Is the use of technology in planning lessons good or bad?
  12. How does technology influence the educational system?
  13. Discuss the application of green technologies in engineering, architecture, and construction
  14. Can modern technologies like cryptocurrencies help in identity theft prevention?
  15. How can technology be used to enhance energy efficiency?
  16. How are self-driving cars likely to change human life?
  17. How did Steve Jobs and Bill Gates change the world with technology
  18. What is the impact of drone warfare on humans?
  19. Can the actual reality be substituted by virtual reality?
  20. Discuss the use of technologies and smart materials in road building

If looking for hot topics in technology, consider some of the ideas in this category. Nevertheless, you can also find technology persuasive speech topics here. That’s because this category has some of the most debatable topics. If you still don’t find a great idea from this list, consider technology security topics or contact our thesis writers. Remember that extensive research is required to write a great paper or essay regardless of the topic that you opt to write about.

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