110+ Exceptional Education Research Topics Ideas

Letters that make up the words of education

Topics for education research usually comprise school research topics, research problems in education, qualitative research topics in education, and concept paper topics about education to mention a few.

If you’re looking for research titles about education,  you’re reading the right post! This article contains 110 of the best education research topics that will come in handy when you need to choose one for your research.

From sample research topics in education, to research titles examples for high school students about education – we have it all.

Educational Research Topics

The best research titles about education must be done through the detailed process of exploring previous works and improving personal knowledge.

Here are some good research topics in education to consider.

What Are Good Research Topics Related to Education?

  1. The role of Covid-19 in reinvigorating online learning
  2. The growth of cognitive abilities through leisure experiences
  3. The merits of group study in education
  4. Merits and demerits of traditional learning methods
  5. The impact of homework on traditional and modern education
  6. Student underdevelopment as a result of larger class volumes
  7. Advantages of digital textbooks in learning
  8. The struggle of older generations in computer education
  9. The standards of learning  in the various academic levels
  10. Bullying and its effects on educational and mental health
  11. Exceptional education tutors: Is the need for higher pay justifiable?

Research Title Examples for College Students

The following examples of research titles about education for college students are ideal for a project that will take a long duration to complete. Here are some education topics for research that you can consider for your degree.

  1. Modern classroom difficulties of students and teachers
  2. Strategies to reform the learning difficulties within schools
  3. The rising cost of tuition and its burden on middle-class parents
  4. The concept of creativity among public schools and how it can be harnessed
  5. Major difficulties experienced in academic staff training
  6. Evaluating the learning cultures of college students
  7. Use of scientific development techniques in student learning
  8. Research of skill development in high school and college students
  9. Modern grading methods in underdeveloped institutions
  10. Dissertations and the difficulties surrounding their completion
  11. Integration of new gender categories in personalized learning

Quantitative Research Titles About Education

These research topics about education require a direct quantitative analysis and study of major ideas and arguments. They often contain general statistics and figures to back up regular research. Some of such research topics in education include:

  1. The relationship between poor education and increased academic fees
  2. Creating a social link between homeschool and traditional schoolgoers
  3. The relationship between teacher satisfaction and student performance
  4. The divide between public and private school performance
  5. The merits of parental involvement in students’ cognitive growth.
  6. A study on child welfare and its impact on educational development
  7. The relationship between academic performance and economic growth
  8. Urbanization in rural areas and its contribution to institutional growth
  9. The relationship between students and professors in dissertation writing
  10. The link between debt accumulation and student loans
  11. Boarding schools and regular schools: The role these two school types play in cognitive development

Topics Related to Education for Thesis

Educational-related topics used for a thesis normally require a wide aspect of study and enough educational materials.  Here are some education research topics you can use for write my thesis.

  1. The difficulties of bilingual education in private universities
  2. Homework and its impact on learning processes in college education
  3. Dissertation topic selection: Key aspects and research obligations
  4. Social media research topics and their educational functions
  5. A detailed educational review of student learning via virtual reality techniques
  6. Ethnicities in universities and their participation in group activities
  7. The modern approach to self-studying for college students
  8. Developing time management skills in modern education
  9. Guidelines for teacher development in advanced educational institutions
  10. The need for religious education in boarding schools
  11. A measure of cognitive development using digital learning methods

Research Titles About School Issues

A research title about school issues focuses on activities surrounding the school environment and its effects on students, teachers, parents, and education in general. Below are some sample research titles in education, relating to school issues.

  1. Learning English in bilingual schools
  2. A study of teachers’ role as parent figures on school grounds
  3. Addressing the increased use of illegal substances and their effects in schools
  4. The benefits of after-class activities for foreign students
  5. Assessing student and teacher relationships
  6. A study of the best methods to implement safety rules in school
  7. Major obstacles in meeting school schedules using boarding students as a case study
  8. The need for counseling in public and private schools: Which is greater?
  9. Academic volunteering in understaffed public schools
  10. Modern techniques for curbing school violence among college students
  11. The advantages and disadvantages of teacher unions in schools

Ph.D. Research Titles in Education

As you create your proposed list of research topics in education, consider scientific journals for referencing purposes. Here are some Ph.D. research titles for education.

  1. The modern methods of academic research writing
  2. The role of colleges in advanced mental care
  3. The merits and demerits of Ph.D. studies in Europe and Africa
  4. Interpersonal relationships between students and professors in advanced institutions
  5. A review of community colleges: merits and demerits
  6. Assessing racism in academic ethnic minorities
  7. The psychological changes of students in higher education
  8. The questionable standards of student loan provisions
  9. The merits of personalized teaching techniques in colleges
  10. The wage gap between private and public university teachers
  11. Teacher responsibilities in private universities versus public universities

Elementary Education Research Topics

The research topics in elementary education in 2023 are very different from the elementary education research topics from five or ten years ago. This creates interesting grounds for different research titles for elementary education.

Here are some elementary education title research ideas.

  1. Assessing quick computer literacy among elementary school pupils.
  2. The role of video games in childhood brain development
  3. Male vs female role models in early education periods
  4. The advantages of digital textbooks in elementary schools
  5. The impact of modern curriculums on elementary education
  6. Lack of proper school grooming is a cause of violence.
  7. Should elementary school children be taught about LGBTQ?
  8. A review of the need for sexual education in elementary schools
  9. The effects of emotional dependence in early childhood learners.
  10. The need for constant technology supervision of elementary school students
  11. Advantages of computer-guided education in elementary schools

Research Title Examples About Online Class

Here are some research title examples for students taking online classes.

  1. The academic difficulties experienced by online students.
  2. A study of decreased attention in online classes
  3. The upsides and downsides of online education
  4. The rising fees of online and traditional education in universities
  5. A detailed study on the necessity of college internships
  6. The need to provide college scholarships based on environmental achievements
  7. How online education terminates university fraternities and sororities.
  8. The role of academic supervisors in career selection
  9. Why interactive assignments improved learning capabilities during the pandemic
  10. Merits of education in online learning environments
  11. Why online lessons are the least effective for some college students

Research Titles About Modular Learning

The modular learning approach focuses primarily on learning outcomes. Here are some examples of research titles about modular learning.

  1. Modular learning and the role of teachers in its execution
  2. Teaching techniques of religious institutions
  3. Potential risks of accelerated learning
  4. Modular learning on students’ future performances
  5. The general overview of modular learning amongst students
  6. The modern Advantages and disadvantages of inclusive classes
  7. Observing student developments in modular learning
  8. Music therapy for fostering modular learning techniques
  9. The creation of a personalized curriculum for students.
  10. Applications of modular learning both in home-schooling?
  11. The benefits of modular learning towards creating a more holistic educational system

Examples of Research Questions In Education

These research title examples about education answer important questions and they can also be argumentative essay topics.

Here are some titles of research about education questions.

  1. What impacts do learning approaches provide for students?
  2. How can schools manage their increasing gender differences?
  3. What fosters the provision of learning needs?
  4. What are the best educational recruitment methods?
  5. How can cognitive development improve education?
  6. How can you assess the moral growth of institutions?
  7. What are the primary causes of educational differences in geographical locations?
  8. How can institutions address increasing mental health needs?
  9. Why is early intervention essential in students with mental health setbacks?
  10. What are the characteristics of mental health deterioration among students?
  11. What techniques are acceptable in regulating the violence of students in institutions

Special Education Research Titles

Some of the research title examples about education include:

  1. How do schools create more personalized learning methods?
  2. Evaluating mental health setbacks during education
  3. The impact of modern technology on special education
  4. The cognitive improvements via specialized learning in dyslexic children
  5. The psychological link between dyslexia and bullying in high school
  6. Impact of social isolation in special education classes
  7. The difficulties in providing specialized learning environments
  8. A study of orphan students with disabilities and their aptitudes for learning
  9. How special classes improve the self-esteem of disabled students.
  10. How to use modern teaching techniques in unique learning environments.
  11. A study of the application of digital games to autistic learning

Final words about education research topics

We have provided some reliable examples of a research topic about education you can use for write my thesis. You can use these research titles in education to cultivate your ideas, create inspiration, or for online research. Remember always to select a topic that you’re naturally passionate about and do diligent research, and reach out to our professional writing services if you need any help.

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