100+ Excellent Ideas For Research Paper Topics

Research paper topics

Research writing is one of the basic components of learning. You’ll be required to present written research at every stage in your academic pursuit. The research is a partial fulfillment of your course of study.

Research writing is written from middle grade to doctorate level. The only difference is the nature and structure of the research. But, before writing research, the first step is finding a research topic. Many students note that choosing the right topic is the most challenging part.

Indeed, it is because your research topic has to be interesting and contain adequate information. Getting a research topic requires research on its own. You’ll have to explore different subjects to come upon a topic that meets your interest. On that note, this article shares different research topic ideas to select from.

Research Proposal Topics For College Students

The research paper topic proposal is similar to your research paper topic. The only difference is that they are topics submitted for approval from your professor. When submitting proposal topics to research, it has to be more than two topics in your area of interest. Below are some research paper topic ideas to submit as your proposal.

  1. A study of the difference between traditional and digital marketing
  2. Globalization and how it’s impacting marketing in the present society
  3. Domestic abuse and how it affects an individual’s psyche
  4. An examination into the root cause of alcohol and drug abuse in colleges
  5. Exploration of ADHD and Autism in College
  6. The multicultural learning environment and how it impacts students’ performance

Research Topics For High School Students

Below are some good research topics for your high school research paper topics.

  1. The role of social media and how it impacts students’ health
  2. Can climate change be restored through reduced air pollution?
  3. A research project on the healthy eating tips for students
  4. Allergies and how it psychologically impacts people
  5. Filters and how they present an unhealthy idea of the body
  6. A study on personal health hygiene

Research Topics For Middle School Students

If you’re looking for good research essay topics for middle school, below are some cool research topics to consider.

  1. What are the possible consequences of increased global warming?
  2. Social media and how it affects learning
  3. Why is sexual education essential in schools?
  4. Gender roles in homes and how it affects the upbringing
  5. Importance of healthy self-esteem away from social media
  6. How family issues affect the general performance of students

History Good Research Topics For College

Are you looking for topics for research papers in history? Here is a list of research topics to select from.

  1. The resulting cause of World War II and how it impacted the Great Depression
  2. A study of the Great Migration in American history
  3. Martin Luther King and his impact on the civil rights movement
  4. The advent of Covid-19 and how it restructured modern society
  5. A study of first-wave feminism and the women’s suffrage
  6. A study of the economic impact of the 2008 recession

Psychology Interesting Research Topics

Below are some interesting research topics for college students in psychology.

  1. Resulting causes of burnout and how to manage them
  2. ADHD and how it impacts the academic performance of students
  3. An exploration of autism as a developmental challenge
  4. Anxiety, panic attacks and depression: How they affect students
  5. A study on how depression impacts the immune system
  6. A study on how physical stress impacts the human psyche

Literature Research Topics For College

Are you looking for interesting topics for research papers in literature? Here are some good research paper topics to look into.

  1. The use of metaphor in literature and what it entails
  2. A critical evaluation of James Baldwin’s novel
  3. The Great Gatsby and its exploration of the American dream
  4. A critical study of Langston Hughes’ poetry
  5. Social exploration and realism in Charles Dickens’s novels
  6. A study of the romance and sex in 20th-century literature

Law Best Research Paper Topics For College Students

For your college research paper topics in law, here are some topics for the paper to consider.

  1. A comparative study of the American and British civil law
  2. US copyright laws and how it supports writers
  3. A study on women’s authority in African laws
  4. The importance of the 2015 marriage equality law
  5. A study of modern internet privacy laws
  6. The introduction of blockchain in the law sector and its impact

Science & Technology Easy Research Paper Topics

Here are some research paper ideas to consider for college research topics in science and technology.

  1. A comparative study of renewable energy and fossil fuels
  2. How cryptocurrency is redefining currency
  3. The impact of electric cars and self-driving cars
  4. The role of artificial intelligence in innovation
  5. How is light used to produce medical treatments
  6. The impacts of advanced technology in the construction sector

Argumentative Essay Research Topics For College Students

For research essay topics in argumentative essays, here are some argumentative essay paper topics to select from.

  1. Why student loans should be canceled
  2. The importance of free health insurance
  3. Why higher education shouldn’t be compulsory
  4. The importance of religious tolerance
  5. Should middle-grade students have access to phones?
  6. How fast fashion is creating a negative fashion impression

Education Research Paper Ideas For College

Are you looking for good research paper topics for college education research papers? Here are great research topics to consider.

  1. The importance of advanced learning
  2. How lack of funding affects the academic pursuit
  3. A study on social networking and schools
  4. The impacts of homeschooling
  5. How online classes impacts performance
  6. Why education systems should be diverse

Senior Research Paper Topics In Environmental Research

Here are easy research topics to consider for your senior research paper topics in environmental research.

  1. Causes of global warming
  2. How climate change can be addressed
  3. How fast fashion impacts climate change
  4. The importance of sustainable living
  5. Why “go green” is important to society
  6. The effects of natural disasters on humans

Social Media Research Topics to Write About

Below are good topics for your social media research topics for research papers to select.

  1. The growth of social media influencing
  2. Social media filters and beauty standards
  3. How TikTok impacts social movements
  4. The immediacy of information on social media
  5. Impacts of social media on mental well-being
  6. Importance of social media detox

Business Research Paper Topics For College Students

Here are some business research ideas for college students. You can read more about business research paper topics on our blog.

  1. Effective business strategy for online marketing
  2. Digital and traditional marketing in business
  3. Building a successful startup on a limited budget
  4. The growth of the startup culture
  5. Importance of business ethics for business growth

Religion Interesting Topics to Research For High School

For religion research topics for high school, here are topics to look into.

  1. Religious differences and their impacts
  2. Modern religious practice and economics
  3. A study of women and religion
  4. Sexual exploration and religion
  5. A study of teenagers’ perception of religion

Topics to Write A Research Paper On Media And Communication

Below are some topics for a research paper in media and communication.

  1. A comparative study of bloggers and journalists
  2. Journalism in the social media age
  3. The role of media ads
  4. The negative influence of media beauty standards
  5. The growth of internet blogging and monetization

Interesting Research Paper Topics On Politics

For your college research topic on politics, here are research topics for students in political science.

  1. The consequences of the Russian-Ukraine war
  2. The importance of gun control laws
  3. Should the age of consent be increased?
  4. The impacts of war on the world economy
  5. Is war resistible in modern society?

Computer Science Research Topic Ideas For College

Here are some computer science research topics for college.

  1. The growth of career paths in computer science
  2. The importance of knowledge in software design
  3. A study of the importance of big data
  4. How to develop a mobile application
  5. The challenges of studying computer science

Research Questions For College Students

If you’re looking for research paper questions, here are some research questions ideas for college.

  1. What effects does ADHD have on students?
  2. How does social media impact learning?
  3. How can social media be positively utilized?
  4. How can universities influence international policies?
  5. What are the health outcomes of low-income earners in the US?


There are several topics to write on in different fields. The above-listed topics are some topics to consider for your research. Also, if you’re finding your research paper writing challenging, you can hire our professional services and have us get you experts to help you.

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