80+ Great Research Titles Examples in Various Academic Fields

Research titles examples

Coming up with a research title for an academic paper is one of the most challenging parts of the writing process. Even though there is an unlimited quantity of research titles to write about, knowing which one is best for you can be hard. We have done the research for you and compiled eighty examples of research titles to write on. Additionally, we have divided the research titles examples into sections to make them easier to choose.


  1. Research Study Examples of Current Events
  2. Examples of Research Topics on Ethics
  3. Title of Research Study Examples on Health
  4. Research Paper Title Examples On Social Concerns
  5. Examples of Research Title on Art and Culture
  6. Example of Research Interest in Religion
  7. Samples of Research Study Topics on Technology
  8. Research Examples of Environmental Studies
  9. Good Research Title Examples on History
  10. Specific Topic Examples Regarding Education
  11. Research Title Examples for Students on Family, Food, and Nutrition
  12. Research Problems Examples Computer Science
  13. Samples of Research Title About Business Marketing and Communications
  14. Sample of Research Study Topics in Women’s Studies
  15. Research Problem Example on Politics
  16. What Are Some Examples of Research Paper Topics on Law
  17. Final Words About Research Titles

When it comes to choosing a good sample research title, research is one of the best tips you can get. By reading widely, including your school notes and scholarly articles, you will have a problem/line of interest examples in research. Then, you can derive any question from areas that appear to have a knowledge gap and proceed with researching the answer. As promised, below are eighty research title examples categorized into different areas, including social media research topics.

Research Study Examples of Current Events

  1. Discuss the peculiar policies of a named country – for example, discuss the impacts of the one-child policy of China.
  2. Research on the influence of a named political leader, say a president, on the country they governed and other countries around. For instance, you can talk about how Trump’s presidency has changed international relations.
  3. Conduct an analysis of a particular aspect of two named countries – for example, the history of the relationship between the U.S. and North Korea.
  4. Compare the immigration laws in two or more named countries – for example, discuss how the immigration laws in the U.S. compares with other countries.
  5. Discuss how the Black Lives Matter movement has affected the view and discussions about racism in the United States.

Examples of Research Topics on Ethics

  1. Enumerate the different ways the government of the United States can reduce deaths arising from the unregulated use of guns.
  2. Analyze the place of ethics in medicine or of medical practitioners. For instance, you can discuss the prevalence of physician-assisted suicides in a named country. You may also talk about the ethicality of such a practice and whether it should be legal.
  3. Explain how recent research breakthroughs have affected that particular field – for instance, how stem cell research has impacted the medical field.
  4. Explain if and why people should be able to donate organs in exchange for money.
  5. Discuss ethical behaviors in the workplace and (or) the educational sector. For example, talk about whether or not affirmative action is still important or necessary in education or the workplace.

Title of Research Study Examples on Health

  1. Weigh the benefits and risks of vaccinating children and decide which one outweighs the other. Here, you might want to consider the different types of vaccinations and the nature and frequency of associated complications.
  2. Investigate at least one of the health issues that currently pose a threat to humanity and which are under investigation. These issues can include Alzheimer’s, cancer, depression, autism, and HIV/AIDS. Research how these issues affect individuals and society and recommend solutions to alleviate cost and suffering.
  3. Study some individuals suffering from and under treatment for depression. Then, investigate the common predictors of the disease and how this information can help prevent the issue.
  4. Tip: To make this example of a research title more comprehensive, you can focus on a certain age range – say, teenagers.

  5. Discuss whether or not free healthcare and medication should be available to people and the likely implications.
  6. Identify and elucidate different methods or programs that have been most effective in preventing or reducing teen pregnancy.

Research Paper Title Examples On Social Concerns

  1. Analyze different reasons and circumstances for genetic manipulation and the different perspectives of people on this matter. Then, discuss whether or not parents should be allowed to engineer designer babies.
  2. Identify the types of immigration benefits, including financial, medical, and education, your country provides for refugees and immigrants. Then, discuss how these benefits have helped them in settling down and whether more or less should be provided.
  3. Discuss the acceptance rate of the gay community in your country or a specific community. For example, consider whether or not gay marriage is permitted if they can adopt children, and if they are welcome in religious gatherings.
  4. Explore and discuss if terrorism truly creates a fear culture that can become a society’s unintended terrorist.
  5. Consider and discuss the different techniques one can use to identify pedophiles on social media.

Tip: Social issues research topics are interesting, but ensure you write formally and professionally.

Examples of Research Title on Art and Culture

  1. Investigate the importance or lack of importance of art in primary or secondary education. You can also recommend whether or not it should be included in the curriculum and why.
  2. Tip: You can write on this possible research title based on your experiences, whether positive or negative.

  3. Discuss the role of illustration in children’s books and how it facilitates easy understanding in children. You may focus on one particular book or select a few examples and compare and contrast.
  4. Should the use of art in books for adults be considered, and what are the likely benefits?
  5. Compare and contrast the differences in art from two named cultural Renaissance – for instance, the Northern Renaissance and the Italian Renaissance.
  6. Investigate how sexism is portrayed in different types of media, including video games, music, and film. You can also talk about whether or not the amount of sexism portrayed has reduced or increased over the years.

Example of Research Interest in Religion

  1. Explore different perspectives and views on dreams; are they meaningful or simply a game of the sleeping mind? You can also discuss the functions and causes of dreams, like sleeping with anxiety, eating before bed, and prophecies.
  2. Investigate the main reasons why religious cults are powerful and appealing to the masses, referring to individual cases.
  3. Investigate the impact of religion on the crime rate in a particular region.
  4. Tip: Narrow down this research title by choosing to focus on a particular age group, say children or teenagers, or family. Alternatively, you can focus on a particular crime in the research to make the paper more extensive.

  5. Explore reasons why Martin Luther decided to split with the Catholic church.
  6. Discuss the circumstances in Siddhartha’s life that led to him becoming the Buddha.

Tip: It is important to remove sentiments from your research and base your points instead on clear evidence from a sound study. This ensures your title of research does not lead to unsubstantiated value judgments, which reduces the quality of the paper.

Samples of Research Study Topics on Technology

  1. Discuss how the steel sword, gunpowder, biological warfare, longbow, or atomic bomb has changed the nature of warfare.
  2. Tip: For this example of the research problem, choose only one of these technological developments or compare two or more to have a rich research paper.

  3. Explore the changes computers, tablets, and smartphones have brought to human behaviors and culture, using published information and personal experience.
  4. Tip: Approach each research study example in a research paper context or buy research paper online, giving a formal but objective view of the subject.

  5. Are railroads and trains primary forces in the industrialization, exploitation, and settlement of your homeland or continent?
  6. Discuss how the use of fossil fuels has changed or shaped the world.
  7. Tip: Narrow down this title of the research study to focus on a local or particular area or one effect of fossil fuels, like oil spill pollution.

  8. Discuss what progress countries have made with artificial intelligence. You can focus on one named country or compare the progress of one country with another.

Research Examples of Environmental Studies

  1. Investigate the factual status of global warming – that is, is it a reality or a hoax? If it is a reality, explore the primary causes and how humanity can make a difference.
  2. Conduct in-depth research on endangered wildlife species in your community and discuss why they have become endangered. You can also enumerate what steps the community can take to prevent these species from going extinct and increase their chances of survival.
  3. Investigate the environmental soundness of the power sources in your country or community. Then, recommend alternative energy sources that might be best suited for the area and why.
  4. Consider an area close to wildlife reserves and national parks, and see whether oil and mineral exploration has occurred there. Discuss whether this action should be allowed or not, with fact-backed reasons.
  5. Investigate how the use and abolishment of DDT have affected the population of birds in your country.

Tip: Each example research title requires that you consult authoritative scientific reports to improve the quality of your paper. Furthermore, specificity and preciseness are required in each example of research title and problem, which only an authority source can provide.

Good Research Title Examples on History

  1. Discuss the importance of a major historical event and why it was so important in the day. These events can include the assassination of John F. Kennedy or some revolutionary document like the Magna Carta.
  2. Consider voyagers such as the Vikings, Chinese, as well as native populations and investigate whether Columbus discovered America first.
  3. Choose a named historical group, family, or individual through their biographies, examining them for reader responses.
  4. Research people of different cultural orientations and their responses to the acts of others who live around them.
  5. Investigate natural disasters in a named country and how the government has responded to them. For example, explore how the response of the New Orleans government to natural disasters has changed since Hurricane Katrina.

Tip: Focus this research title sample on one particular country or natural disaster or compare the responses of two countries with each other.

Specific Topic Examples Regarding Education

  1. Explore the educational policy, “no child left behind,” investigating its benefits and drawbacks.
  2. Investigate the concept of plagiarism in the twenty-first century, its consequences, and its prevalence in modern universities. Take a step further to investigate how and why many students don’t understand the gravity of their errors.
  3. Do in-depth research on bullying in schools, explaining the seriousness of the problem in your area in particular. Also, recommend actions schools, teachers, and parents can take to improve the situation if anything.
  4. Explore the place of religion in public schools; if it has a place, explain why, and if it does not, explain why not.
  5. Does a student’s financial background have any effect on his or her academic performance? In this sample research title, you can compare students from different financial backgrounds, from wealthy to average, and their scores on standardized tests.

Research Title Examples for Students on Family, Food, and Nutrition

  1. Is spanking one’s child considered child abuse; if so, why? In this research problem example for students, consider whether or not parents should be able to spank their children.
  2. Investigate the relationship between family health and nutrition, focusing on particular nutrition. This example of the title of the research study, for instance, can focus on the relationship between breastfeeding and baby health.
  3. Elucidate on, if any, the benefits of having a home-cooked meal and sitting down as a family to eat together.
  4. Explore the effect of fast-food restaurants on family health and nutrition, and whether or not they should be regulated.
  5. Research local food producers and farms in your community, pinpointing how much of your diet is acquired from them.

Tip: These are great research titles from which you can coin research topics for STEM students.

Research Problems Examples Computer Science

  1. Compare and contrast the two major operating systems: Mac and Windows, and discuss which one is better.
  2. Tip: This title of the research study example can lead to strong uninformed opinions on the matter. However, it is important to investigate and discuss facts about the two operating systems, basing your conclusions on these.

  3. Explain the effect of spell checkers, autocorrect functions, and grammar checkers on the writing skills of computer users. Have these tools improved users’ writing skills or weakened them?
  4. Tip: For this example of title research, it is better to consider more than one of these tools to write a comprehensive paper.

  5. Discuss the role(s) artificial intelligence is playing now or will likely play in the future as regards human evolution.
  6. Identify and investigate the next groundbreaking development in computer science (like the metaverse), explaining why you believe it will be important.
  7. Discuss a particular trendsetting technological tool, like blockchain technology, and how it has benefited different sectors.

Tip: For this research title example, you may want to focus on the effect of one tool on one particular sector. This way, you can investigate this example of research and thesis statement about social media more thoroughly and give as many details as possible.

Samples of Research Title About Business Marketing and Communications

  1. Consider your personal experiences as well as close friends’ and families experiences. Then, determine how marketing has invaded your lives and whether these impersonal communications are more positive than negative or vice versa.
  2. Investigate the regulations (or lack thereof) that apply to marketing items to children in your region. Do you think these regulations are unfounded, right, or inadequate?
  3. Investigate the merits and demerits of outsourcing customer services; you can compare the views of businesses with those of their customers.
  4. How has the communication we do through blog sites, messaging, social media, email, and other online platforms improved interpersonal communications if it has?
  5. Can understanding culture change the way you do business? Discuss how.

Tip: Ensure you share your reasoning on this title of the research study example and provide evidence-backed information to support your points.

Sample of Research Study Topics in Women’s Studies

  1. Learn everything you can about eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia, as well as their causes, and symptoms. Then, investigate and discuss the impact of its significance and recommend actions that might improve the situation.
  2. Research a major development in women’s history, like the admission of women to higher institutions and the legalization of abortion. Discuss the short-term and (or) long-term implications of the named event or development.
  3. Discuss gender inequality in the workplace – for instance, the fact that women tend to earn less than men for doing the same job. Provide specific real-life examples as you explain the reasons for this and recommend solutions to the problem.
  4. How have beauty contests helped women: have they empowered them in society or objectified them?
  5. Tip: You may shift the focus of this topic research example to female strippers or women who act in pornographic movies.

  6. Investigate exceptional businesswomen in the 21st century; you can focus on one or compare two or more.

Tip: When writing on the title of a research example related to women, avoid using persuasion tactics; instead, be tactful and professional in presenting your points.

Research Problem Example on Politics

  1. Discuss the unique nature and implications of Donald Trump’s presidency on the United States and the world.
  2. Investigate the conditions and forces related to the advent and rise of Nazi Germany. Shift the focus of this title research example on major wars like WWI or the American Civil War.
  3. Is the enormous amount of money spent during election campaigns a legitimate expense?
  4. Investigate a named major political scandal that recently occurred in your region or country. Discuss how it started, how its news spread, and its impacts on individuals in that area.
  5. Discuss the impacts British rule had on India.

What Are Some Examples of Research Paper Topics on Law

  1. Investigate the rate of incarceration in your region and compare it with that of other countries or other regions.
  2. Is incarcerating criminals an effective solution in promoting the rehabilitation of criminals and controlling crime rates?
  3. Consider various perspectives on the issue of gun control and coin several argumentative essay topics on the matter.
  4. Why do drivers continue to text while driving despite legal implications and dire consequences?
  5. Discuss the legality of people taking their own lives due to suffering from a debilitating terminal disease.

Final Words About Research Titles

Each example of the research title provided in this article will make for a rich, information-dense research paper. However, you have a part to play in researching thoroughly on the example of the research study. To simplify the entire process for you, hiring our writing services is key as you wouldn’t have to worry about choosing topics. Our team of skilled writers knows the right subject that suits your research and how to readily get materials on them.

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