130+ Correlational Research Topics: Great Ideas For Students

Correlational Research Topics

The correlational research example title you decide to write will determine the uniqueness of your research paper. Choose a well-thought title that brings out the best of your expertise. Are you confused about which topic suits you? This article will let you know the best correlational research topics for students.

What is Correlation Research?

Correlational research involves looking at the affiliation between two or more study variables. The results of the study will have either a positive, negative, or zero correlation. More so, the research can either be quantitative or qualitative.

Now that you have the answer to “what are correlational studies,” we’ll focus on the various example topics students can use to write excellent papers.

Correlational Research Titles Examples for Highschool Students

If you want your high school correlational research paper to stand out, go for creative and fun titles. Get a correlation research example below.

  1. How can you relate bullying and academic performance?
  2. Study habits vs academic grades
  3. Evaluating the link between student success and parents’ involvement
  4. Discuss test scores and study time
  5. Physical and mental health: The correlation
  6. Nutrition and study concentration
  7. The connection between good results and video games
  8. Clarifying the relationship between personality traits and subject preference
  9. The relationship between study time and poor grades
  10. The correlation between trainers’ support and students’ mental health
  11. The association between school bullying and absenteeism
  12. The effects of academic degrees on students’ career development
  13. Is there a correlation between teaching styles and students’ learning ability

Correlation Topic Examples for STEM Students

These research topics for STEM students are game-changers. However, try any of the titles below regarding correlation in research.

The connection between:

  1. Food and drug efficacy
  2. Exercise and sleep
  3. Sleep patterns and heart rate
  4. Weather seasons and body immunity
  5. Wind speed and energy supply
  6. Rainfall extent and crop yields
  7. Respiratory health and air pollution
  8. Carbon emissions and global warming
  9. Stress and mental health
  10. Bridge capacity and preferred design
  11. Building quality and insulation capability
  12. Fuel efficiency and vehicle weight
  13. 19th and 20th Century approaches to stem subjects

Correlational Research Examples in Education

As you learn more about the thesis statement about social media, keep a keen eye on each example of the correlational research paper we list below.

  1. The correlation between parental guidance and career decision
  2. Differences between student grades and career choice
  3. Teachers’ qualifications and students’ success in class
  4. The connection between teachers’ age and students’ performance
  5. Clarifying students’ workload and subject choice
  6. The link between teachers’ morale and students’ grades
  7. Discuss school location and performance metrics
  8. Clarifying the relationship between school curriculum and performance
  9. Relating school programs to students’ absenteeism
  10. Academic success vs teachers’ gender
  11. The association between parental income and school selection
  12. The effects of many subjects on students’ career choice
  13. The relationship between school grading and dropout rates

Correlational Research Questions in Nursing

In addition to biochemistry topics and anatomy research paper topics, it also helps to know correlational research topics in nursing. Some of them include the following:

  1. Is there a relationship between sleep quality and post-surgery management?
  2. Is there a correlation between patient healing and the choice of drugs?
  3. Is there a link between physical activity levels and depression?
  4. Is there an association between nurse-patient communication and patient recovery?
  5. What is the correlation between age and child mortality in mothers?
  6. Is there a correlation between patient education and prompt recovery?
  7. What is the correlation between spirituality and the use of drugs?
  8. What is the link between patient adherence to drugs and age?
  9. What is the correlation between routine nursing and back pain?
  10. Is there a correlation between chemotherapy and fatigue?
  11. Is there a relationship between age and cholesterol levels?
  12. Is there a relationship between blood pressure and sleep disturbances?
  13. What is the link between drug use and organ failure?

Examples Of Correlational Research Topics in Technology

A technology research-oriented paper should show your prowess in any area you tackle. Pick any example of a correlational research question from the list below for your research.

  1. Is there a relationship between screen time and eye strain?
  2. What is the link between video games and IQ levels?
  3. Is there a correlation between loneliness and tech dependence?
  4. What is the link between wireless technology and infertilities
  5. Is there a relationship between smartphone usage and sleep quality?
  6. Is there a correlation between academic performance and technology exposure?
  7. Is there a relationship between technology and physical activity levels?
  8. What is the correlation between self-esteem and technology?
  9. What is the link between technology and memory sharpness?
  10. What is the correlation between screen time and headaches?
  11. Is there a correlation between technology and anxiety?
  12. Is there a link between a sedentary lifestyle and technology?
  13. What is the correlation between tech dependence and communication skills?

Correlational Quantitative Research Topic Examples in Economics

The best example of correlational design in quantitative research will help you kickstart your research paper. In your paper, focus on discussing the relationship between the following:

  1. Inflation and unemployment rates
  2. Financial liberation and foreign aid
  3. Trade policies and foreign investors
  4. Income and nation’s well being
  5. Salary levels and education levels
  6. Urbanization and economic progress
  7. Economy growth rate and national budget
  8. Marital status and employed population
  9. Early retirements and the country’s growth
  10. Energy prices and economic growth
  11. Employee satisfaction and job retention
  12. Small-scale businesses and exploitative loans
  13. Educated population and nation’s economic levels

Correlational Research Topics in Psychology

Depending on the preferred correlation method in research, your paper approach will vary. As you look at these social issues research topics, psychology correlational topics also come in handy.

Discuss the link between the following in your paper:

  1. Racism and population size
  2. Propaganda and marketing
  3. Cults and social class
  4. Bullying and skin color
  5. Child abuse and marriages
  6. Aging and hormones
  7. Leadership and communication
  8. Depression and discrimination
  9. Cognitive behavior therapy and age
  10. Eating disorders and genetics
  11. Attention and kids’ gender
  12. Speech disorder and tech dependence
  13. Perception and someone’s age

Correlational Research Titles About Business

Business and economics research paper topics vary, but you should always go for the best. Here are some ideal topics for your correlation research paper in business.

Assess the link between:

  1. Remote employees and business growth
  2. Business ethic laws and productivity
  3. Language and business growth
  4. Foreign investments and cultural differences
  5. Monopoly and businesses closure
  6. Cultural practices and business survival
  7. Customer behaviors and products choice
  8. Advertising and business innovations
  9. Labor laws and taxation
  10. Technology and business trends
  11. Tourism and local economies
  12. Business sanctions and currency value
  13. Immigration and unemployment

Correlational Research Sample Title Examples for Statistics Essays

You’ve probably encountered social media research topics and wondered whether you could get some focusing on statistics. Below examples will get you sorted.

Clarifying the relationship between:

  1. Rent costs and population
  2. COVID-19 vaccination and health budget
  3. Technology and data sample collection
  4. Education costs and income
  5. Education levels and job satisfaction
  6. Local trade volumes and dollar exchange rates
  7. Loans and small businesses’ growth rate
  8. Online and offline surveys
  9. Wage analysis and employee age
  10. National savings and employment rates
  11. Poverty and income inequality
  12. Trade and economic growth
  13. Interest rates and consumer borrowing behavior trends

Correlational Research Examples for Sociology Research Papers

In sociology, there are so many argumentative essay topics to write about. But when it comes to correlational topics, many students have a problem.

Write a sociology correlational research paper focusing on the association between:

  1. Social media and kids’ behaviors in school
  2. Food culture and modern lifestyle diseases
  3. Health equity and deaths
  4. Gender stereotypes and unemployment
  5. Women’s behaviors and mainstream media programs
  6. Age differences and abusive marriages
  7. Children’s obesity and social class
  8. Infertility and mental health among couples
  9. Bullying and past violence encounters in kids
  10. Genetically modified foods and lifestyle diseases
  11. Religious education and improving technology
  12. Social media and modern friendships
  13. Divorce and children education

Let’s now help you write your research paper on time. Whether it’s on sociology, economics, nursing or any other course, we are here for you. Our expert writers offer the best help on correlational research paper writing.

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