100+ Best Google Scholar Research Topics

Google Scholar Research Topics

Google Scholar provides a simple and unique way to search for scholarly literature. In a nutshell, it is a search engine for educational applications, especially dissertation and thesis research. Unfortunately, writing a dissertation, thesis, or research paper that is researchable on google scholar can be challenging, especially when finding a good topic or think about pay for dissertation.

A good google scholar search by topic should be well-researched, original, exciting and compelling, clear and competitive, relevant to your field of study, manageable, and enticing. If you are seeking excellent google scholar topics in 2022, you are in the right place. We spent hours creating some interesting ideas listed below for you.

Top Google Scholar Research Proposal Topics

A good google scholar research proposal topic should be unique and original. Also, it should be relevant to your area of study. Here are examples of research topics research google scholar search:

  • The relationship between the relevance of search engines and clicks
  • How does implicit impact provide better results from search engines?
  • Ways to enhance the effectiveness of search engines
  • Is social media experience dependent on search engines?
  • Social media vs. traditional media: The analytics
  • A comparison of social networks and search engines for information seeking
  • How to use search engines for better decision-making

Great Examples of Google Scholar Thesis Topics

A thesis paper involves comprehensive research and is required to complete a master’s degree. Therefore, when choosing a topic, you must not forget its vitality. Below are some exciting google scholar thesis topics you should explore:

  • Paid placement strategies for website search engines
  • The causes of the decline in employment rates
  • Are men more employable than women?
  • Climate change and its impact on natural resources
  • Bullying in schools: Measures to prevent it
  • Climate change trends over the last four years
  • Is there a correlation between school status and performance?

Great Google Scholar Dissertation Topics

A dissertation is a research project completed by undergraduate and postgraduate students. A good topic can make your project easy or complicate it more than it should. Here are some incredible google scholar dissertation topic examples:

  • The pros and cons of international joint ventures
  • Impacts of organizational culture on business decision making
  • Does organizational culture influence performance?
  • Does training employees alter business productivity?
  • Human resource strategies for non-profit organizations
  • An extensive exploration of cultural changes and their impacts on social lives
  • How the integration of technology in the SCM sector works

Creative Google Scholar Research Topics In Marketing

Creativity is a critical element in creating great topics. Here are some marketing google scholar research topics:

  • How companies can influence the consumer buying behavior
  • The impact of social media advertising on consumer behavior
  • The interwoven impacts of brand marketing and political campaigns
  • An overview of the outcomes of advertising strategies in a recession
  • How impulse buying influences the internet world
  • An analysis of customer retention in online businesses
  • How businesses are positioning themselves for hard economic times

Great Google Scholar Research Topics in Computer Science

As we have said earlier, a good google scholar research topic should be relevant to the specific field of study. So here are topics relevant to computer science:

  • An analysis of search algorithms
  • The evolution of artificial intelligence over the past ten years
  • The role of human intelligence in artificial intelligence
  • How do mobile gadgets employ unique software development?
  • A data-based comparison of iOS and Android
  • The role of development in future computer systems
  • Effective ways of improving computer data security

Fantastic Google Scholar Accounting Research Topics

Finding a research topic in accounting can cause a headache. So, we prepared the following examples:

  • The impact of managerial accounting in large corporate organizations
  • Activity-based costing: meaning and components
  • How accounting can revolutionize medical care
  • A look at the accounting parameters in public service
  • How managerial accounting influences global finance practices
  • How does managerial accounting influence human resources?
  • Capital budgeting: What is it all about?

Excellent Google Scholar Research Topics in Education

Even education students benefit from the google scholar search engine. Here are some education-related google scholar research topics:

  • An analysis of the real-time performance of education data
  • Online vs. offline studies: The comparison
  • Why the present curriculums are generating results
  • The mental impacts of distance learning
  • Creative ways of monitoring student’s mental health
  • Ways to empower girls’ education
  • The role of technology in digital learning

Samples of Google Scholar Research Topics in Business

You may also benefit from some topic inspirations in business. Here are some business-related research topics on google scholar;

  • Theories in outsourcing and the findings
  • Business understaffing in today’s setting explained
  • Are most businesses reluctant on technology?
  • How can companies survive international competition?
  • The value of educating the public on international investment
  • How to transform a local business into an internationally recognized brand
  • Economic problems that small local businesses incur

The Best Google Scholar Research Topics for Nursing

Here are some excellent google scholar nursing research topics you can rely on. While nursing is a broad topic, these are some of the best topics.

  • The nursing adaptation in the digital era
  • Health issues that immigrant women face
  • How technology in nursing favors the maternal sector
  • A look at the nurses vs. doctors relationship in the private sector
  • Guidelines for promoting diversity in the nursing sector
  • How can the nursing sector overcome vaccine hesitancy among pregnant women?
  • New developments in childhood cancer treatment

Incredible Google Scholar Research Topics in Economics

Studying economics is exciting, until when it comes to writing research papers. Let’s look at excellent google scholar project topics in economics:

  • How income changes influence consumer choices
  • Is the cost of living likely to shift in two years?
  • The influence of governance on economics
  • A comparison of the impacts of labor force participation on the budget and economy
  • The connections between salary levels and economic conflict in the United States
  • An analysis of salary fluctuations in your country
  • An exploration of the evolution of consumption in your country over the past ten years

Top Google Scholar Research Topics In Finance

Do you want to write a research paper in finance? Here are research paper google scholar research topics for your consideration:

  • How can finance serve as a tool for regulating economies?
  • The role of financial markets in the mobilization and dispersal of financial resources
  • Financial challenges that third-world countries face
  • Comparing finance utilization in the private and public sector
  • Joint-stock companies and the financial challenges they encounter
  • The financial function of social security in your country

Interesting Google Scholar Research Topics in Psychology

Here are great title examples on psychology to give you an idea of what’s expected.

  • Examining the concept of free will in the current society
  • Finding an equilibrium between the conscious and unconscious mind
  • The impact of bullying and harassment on mental well-being in adulthood
  • How psychology is shaping the modern world
  • How social phobias and anxiety influences psychological growth
  • The impact of effective parenting on child development

Top Google Scholar Research Topics in Chemistry

Here are examples of top google scholar research topics in chemistry:

  • The knowledge of chemistry and how it influences farmers
  • Avoiding pesticides in agriculture
  • How farmers should view GMO
  • The role of sustainable elements in the chemical synthesis
  • The function of organic chemical reactivity functioning
  • The side effect chains of amino acids

Good Google Scholar Quantitative Research Topics

Let’s look at some great google scholar – research topics in quantitative research:

  • The link between mortality rates and the sex of individuals
  • Effective ways to promote the acceptance of cancer screening processes
  • Data-based analysis of mortality rates on kids below five.
  • The impact of unhealthy workplaces on individuals’ mental health
  • How to develop critical thinking
  • How has education fueled the success of the technological sector?

Good Google Scholar Qualitative Research Topics

Here are google scholar research topics in qualitative research:

  • How long-term planning methods improve project management
  • The best practices when dealing with time management and goal setting
  • Guidelines for achieving affordable medical care in low-income societies
  • An analysis of dealing with loss and the recovery process
  • Is poor kids’ upbringing a contributor to bad performance in schools?
  • How to establish eco-friendly facemasks

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