100+ Medical Research Paper Topics for Students

Medical technology research paper topics

The medical field is vast and rich, so choosing a medical topic for a research paper is easy. However, the abundance of medical topics to research can also make choosing the “best” one a daunting task. Medical research topics are about drugs and their interactions and those expounding on the root causes of diseases. There are a variety of topics in medicine to discuss, spanning the different angles of the field, including medical social issues research topics.

If you find it difficult to choose a medical research topic for your paper, that is to be expected. This article will give you 100+ medical research topics to work on, spanning different aspects of medicine. However, before that, we will show you how to select the best-med research topics. Whether you’re looking for argumentative essay topics or anatomy research paper topics, there is no dearth of medical research topics.

Tips for Choosing the Best Research Topics in Medicine

Choosing a research topic, even if it’s an interesting thesis statement about social media, is often more challenging than the actual writing. To be able to do justice to these medical research topics, you need to choose topics that inspire you. Below are our A+ tips for choosing the best medical topics to write about:

  1. Choose medicine research topics you are interested in; whether you’re working on economics research paper topics or biochemistry topics, personal interest is vital.
  2. Choose a few med research topics first; then, sift through scholarly articles to get updated with the latest medical developments and issues.
  3. Understand the why, how, and what of your research; how will it contribute to the existing knowledge body?
  4. Choose healthcare research topics that are neither general nor too narrow; there should be sufficient research scope.
  5. Choose a significant medical research topic for you and your chosen career path.

Best Topics for Medical Research Paper

You’re close to a breakthrough now that you know what factors to consider when choosing health topics to research. There are many places to get inspiration, including research topics on medicine. Below, we have compiled some of the best research topics in health.

Great Research Health Topics on Genetics for an A+ Paper

  1. The genetics of epilepsy
  2. Clinical genetic research malpractice
  3. The concept of reverse genetics in creating vaccines
  4. GNE myopathy: therapies
  5. Brain imaging
  6. Genes behind juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  7. How screenings help gynecologic cancer prevention
  8. Drug addiction: the genetics
  9. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease: exploring the genetic similarities
  10. Genetic factors in HIV

Interesting Healthcare Research Topics

  1. Telehealth: meaning and benefits
  2. Eating disorders
  3. Staying healthy while studying
  4. Health fraud
  5. Occupation diseases: how are they classified?
  6. Effective measures to help reduce sports injuries
  7. Safe use of medical devices
  8. Is mental disorder curable?
  9. Causative diseases of B vitamins deficiency
  10. Regular exercise and heart health

Research Topics in Healthcare: Pediatric Medicine

  1. Non-therapeutic ADHD medication use in children
  2. Type 1 diabetes in children: effective management
  3. Movement disorders in children
  4. Secondhand smoking: its effect on children
  5. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  6. Children exposed to meningitis
  7. Autism in children
  8. How exposure to air pollution affects prenatal
  9. Diagnosis and management of childhood asthma
  10. Prevention strategies for obesity in children

Anatomical Research Topics for Healthcare to Write On

  1. Human microbial ecology: the latest discoveries
  2. How to attenuate arthritic bone tissue destruction
  3. Brain changes in stroke survivors
  4. Cancer effect on bone marrow
  5. Effective diagnostic methods of endometriosis
  6. Photoperiodic changes and their effect on brainstem volume
  7. The crystal structure of human enamel
  8. Measuring musculoskeletal and neuromuscular function
  9. Extensor hallucis longus in hallux pathology
  10. Obesity and knee osteoarthritis

Amazing Health Care Topics to Write About

  1. Pandemic vs. epidemic
  2. The placebo effect of homeopathic medicine
  3. Causes and treatment for virus infection
  4. Brain injuries
  5. Chronic diseases
  6. Alzheimer’s
  7. Effects of circumcision
  8. Medical approaches to abortion
  9. Legalization of marijuana for medicine
  10. Effect of environmental changes on human health

Top Medical Research Paper Topics Today

  1. Urban pollution and respiratory diseases: exploring the relationship
  2. Communication disorders
  3. Why are cancer cases increasing?
  4. Latest developments in HIV/AIDs
  5. Medical tools and instruments: latest innovations
  6. Effect of terrorism on mental health
  7. Insulin resistance
  8. Genetic engineering
  9. Adverse effects of smoking on vital organs
  10. Developments in breast cancer research

Medical Research Papers Topics on Public Health

  1. Management principle of healthcare professionals
  2. Private hospitals vs. public hospitals
  3. Who should be held responsible for surgery failures?
  4. The anti-vaccine movement
  5. Cancer treatments: estimated costs
  6. Hospital administration and their legal responsibilities
  7. The upside to national healthcare systems
  8. Anxiety disorders: causes and treatment
  9. Public policies on mental health
  10. Treatment of childhood trauma in public healthcare systems

Audience Attention-Grabbing Medical Topics for Research Paper

  1. Schizophrenia
  2. Depression
  3. Anorexia
  4. Bulimia
  5. Anorexia vs. Bulimia
  6. Postpartum depression
  7. The mental health of rape victims
  8. PTSD
  9. Dementia
  10. Side effects of chemotherapy

Interesting Medical Topics to Research On

  1. Child vaccination programs: benefits and limitations
  2. Medical internships: the benefits
  3. Use of AI in medicine
  4. Doctors’ roles vs. nurses’ roles
  5. Poor sanitation: management in developing countries
  6. Sleep paralysis
  7. Vaccination: benefits and side effects
  8. Eating disorders: causes and remedies
  9. Sexual organ transplantation
  10. Challenges in biomedical research

Interesting Medical Topics for Presentation

  1. The importance of the lymphatic system
  2. The spleen
  3. Functions of thyroid glands on the body
  4. The digestive system
  5. The developmental stages of the human muscular system
  6. Antibiotic resistance
  7. Effects of air pollution on health
  8. Aging: biological effects
  9. Contraception
  10. Surrogacy vs. artificial insemination

Healthcare Research Topics for College Students

  1. Causative diseases for hair loss
  2. Effect or non-effect of alcohol on the bone marrow
  3. Tongue disorders
  4. Understanding when chest pain becomes severe
  5. The relationship between diabetes and eye problems
  6. Alternative medicine and complementary medicine: is one better than the other?
  7. The reversal potentials of diabetic nerve damage
  8. Thrombocytopenia: do they cause bleeding disorders?
  9. Does one’s ethnic group influence one’s susceptibility to metabolic syndrome?
  10. Mandating flu vaccination for health workers


There are thousands of ideas and angles to explore in the medical field. With the 100+ interesting medical topics for the research papers that we have provided, you have options to work with. The tips for choosing a topic can also help you sift through research topics for STEM students, among others, to choose the best.

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