150+ Food Research Paper Topics Ideas for Students

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When writing a research paper on food, there are many angles to explore to choose great research topics about food. You can write argumentative essay topics on food processing methods or search for social media research topics. Moreover, the food industry is advancing, and food styles are changing – another inspiration for an outstanding research topic about food. In other words, if you are looking for your ideal topic for food research, there are many places to look.

Nevertheless, it can be hard to decipher what characterizes a good example of a thesis title for food. Hence, this article will briefly explain what factors to look for in a research title about food so-to-speak. Then, we will provide up to 150 food topics you can explore.

How to Choose the “Ideal” Food Research Topics

Personal interest is a vital factor to consider when sourcing the best thesis title about food. If you’re choosing a research title about cookery, you want to ensure it is something you’re interested in. If you’re unsure where your interest lies, you can check out social issues research topics.

Also, the availability of information on the topic of food is important in any research, whether it’s a thesis statement about social media or nutrition topics. Furthermore, choose several food topics to have options if one thesis about food doesn’t work out. Last but not least, ensure your chosen topic about food is neither too broad nor too narrow.

150+ Ideas of Experimental Research Titles about Food

If you are unsure what title about food to work on for your research paper, here we are. Below are some of the best examples of thesis titles or professional thesis writers about food for students and researchers.

Research Title about Food Processing

  1. Plant sterols in treating high cholesterol
  2. Flavonoids
  3. Winemaking
  4. Is skipping breakfast healthy?
  5. Macrobiotic diet: advantages
  6. Food trendmakers
  7. Chocolates and emotions: the connection
  8. Are trans fats carcinogenic?
  9. Does green tea burn calories?
  10. Humble lentil: a superfood?

Interesting Research Topics Fast Food

  1. Fast foods: impact on living organisms
  2. Food court restaurants
  3. Misconceptions about fast foods
  4. Is McDonald’s healthy?
  5. Fast food: a social problem?
  6. National cuisine
  7. Fast food: effect on the liver
  8. Fast food education
  9. Students’ nutrition
  10. Fast food in children’s diet

Research Title about Food Industry

  1. Food and 3D virtual reality
  2. The contemporary hotel industry
  3. Food and fashion
  4. Food in different cultures
  5. Can food be used for cultural identification?
  6. Trends in food box consumption
  7. Information innovation in the food industry
  8. The food industry in developing countries
  9. Proper nutrition
  10. History and origin of food traditions

Research Title about Cookery Strand Brainly

  1. Can dietary supplements increase bone density?
  2. Why nutrition science matters
  3. Organic food: impact on nutrition
  4. Antimicrobial resistance
  5. Services ensuring food safety in the US
  6. Food safety violations in the workplace
  7. pH balance impacts flavor
  8. Animal testing should be abolished
  9. Does overeating suppress the immune system?
  10. Lifestyle-related chronic diseases

Trending Experimental Food Research Topics

  1. Food justice
  2. Government’s involvement in food justice
  3. Dietary deficiencies
  4. Spice rack organization
  5. Nutrients for body development
  6. Milk for kids: more or less?
  7. Organic food and health
  8. Animal-sourced foods: beneficial or dangerous?
  9. Continental dishes
  10. Continental dishes vs. Indian spices

Research Title about Food Safety

  1. Food factor in national security
  2. Junk food vs. healthy food
  3. Environmental food safety
  4. Safety and control of food colors in the food industry today
  5. Criteria and scope of food security
  6. Ensuring food security
  7. Cooking technology
  8. Food quality of agricultural raw materials
  9. Problems and solutions to food safety
  10. Food security: the theory and methodology

Research Title about Food Innovation for College Students

  1. Recent labeling food innovations
  2. Health benefits of genetically modified foods
  3. The vegetarian diet
  4. Caloric foods
  5. Fast food affects on health
  6. Food allergies
  7. Fast foods: nutritional value
  8. Food in the 21st century
  9. The Slow Food movement
  10. Doughnut’s history

Thesis Title about Food Safety for an A+ Paper

  1. Food safety: role in gene pool preservation
  2. Controlling synthetic colors used in food
  3. Food assessment and control
  4. Food: its influence on pharmacotherapy’s effectiveness
  5. Human rights to balanced nutrition
  6. Quality of food products in urban areas
  7. Food in rural areas vs. urban areas
  8. Food security in Uganda
  9. Food safety: developed vs. developing countries
  10. Food factor in biopolitics

Attention-Grabbing Research Title about Baking

  1. Corn starch in baking: the importance
  2. Bacteria concerns in baking: Clostridium botulinum
  3. Normal butter vs. brown butter
  4. Matcha in Japanese pastry
  5. Sweet in baked desserts
  6. Effect of flour type on cake quality
  7. Sugar vs. stevia
  8. Why so much sugar in packed cakes?
  9. Carob is use in baking
  10. Coca-Cola baking: is it safe?

Fascinating Research Topic about Cookery

  1. Cooking schools
  2. Protein food preservation
  3. Food preservation techniques
  4. Vegan vs. non-vegan
  5. Obesity
  6. Caffeine in drinks
  7. Plastic and food quality
  8. History of carrot cake
  9. Turmeric: health properties
  10. Japanese tea ceremonies

Research Topic about Cookery Strand for Presentation

  1. Healthy sugar substitutes
  2. The popularity of plant-based diet
  3. Food steaming: history
  4. CBD-infused foods
  5. Achieving the umami flavor in cooking
  6. Climate and diet
  7. Quick-service restaurants: impact on life expectancy
  8. Drinking and Judaism
  9. Chinese tea: a historical analysis
  10. Meat canning

Fun-to-Write Research Topics Related to Food

  1. Resistance of meat to antimicrobials
  2. Eliminating botulism
  3. Reducing food allergies
  4. Avian influenza
  5. Vitamin D nutrition: the worldwide status
  6. Nutritional supplements are available for the poor
  7. Food science: importance in human nutrition
  8. Amino acids and muscle growth
  9. Poor nutrition and bone density
  10. Women and diet

Example of Thesis Title about Food and Beverage

  1. Tea vs. coffee
  2. Is tea addictive?
  3. Cholesterol: myths
  4. Sugar vs. sweeteners
  5. Keto diet: effect on health
  6. Food sensitivities in children
  7. African superfoods
  8. Spirulina: the properties
  9. Wine in French cuisine
  10. Garlic and onions

Example of Experimental Research about Food

  1. Stored foods
  2. Preventing food poisoning
  3. Food addiction
  4. How to fight against food waste
  5. Aqueous environment: the toxicity
  6. Fast food in hospitals
  7. The risks associated with junk
  8. Food culture and obesity
  9. The link between fast food and obesity
  10. Burgers: are they sandwiches?

Contemporary Food Processing Research Topics

  1. Food additives
  2. History of curry
  3. Freezing dough: impact on quality
  4. Best pizza Margherita recipe
  5. Making low-calorie food tasty
  6. Jamaica and British cuisine
  7. Picked food in India
  8. How to eat eggs
  9. Egg poaching
  10. Italian pasta: types


From food innovation research titles to food sustainability research topics, there are many areas of the food industry to explore. With the list of topics and tips for choosing a topic provided here, finding your ideal topic should be easier.

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