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Undergraduate vs Graduate Degree – Meaning and Difference

A graduate degree can be availed by individuals who have already accomplished their bachelor’s degree. These higher academic degrees are offered by graduate schools. Some people choose to work after completing their undergraduate degrees. While others are aspiring to proceed with graduate degree programs.

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Dissertation vs Thesis: What is the Difference Between Them?

If you are a graduate student or planning to advance after attaining a bachelor’s degree, one of the requirements to graduate with a master’s or Ph.D. degree is writing a thesis or dissertation. Though the terms “thesis” and “dissertation” are used interchangeably in some universities, there are some outstanding differences. In most cases, a thesis is submitted at the close of a master’s degree while a dissertation is used at the Ph.D. level. Here is a deeper analysis of dissertation vs thesis to establish the main differences, and how to write them.

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Business Research Topics For Students

When pursuing business programs in colleges and universities, students are required to write papers on business research topics. The major challenge for most students is choosing topics for their papers. A vast majority of them are stuck in this step because they fear choosing a topic that is not interesting or too broad and end up with poor grades.

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How To Write A Speech To Persuade People

Speech writing is not an easy job and even professionals sometimes don’t know how to write a speech. You might be thinking about how to write a graduation speech after your Ph.D. defense or how to write a speech about yourself, maybe even how to write a valedictorian speech, or you have a different topic in mind.

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What Is Patriotism Essay? – Definitions, Topics, Examples

Do you want to write a patriotism essay and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry about it too much! We are here to help you write the best patriotism essay possible in the shortest amount of time. We will explain the concept of patriotism and clarify why it is essential, discuss patriotism essay examples, and then provide you with some topics. Some tips and tricks are included and the end of the blog post. They should make it much easier to write a patriotic essay.

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How to Write a Philosophy Paper the Easy Way

So, you don’t know how to write a philosophy paper. Who can blame you? Philosophy is definitely not a favorite subject for most students. And truth be told, this class can be quite difficult. However, since your teacher is asking you to write a philosophy paper, you don’t have any other option but to learn how to do it and then do it. It’s as simple as that. In this blog post, we have put together a very simple guide for you to follow. We’ll also discuss things like the outline, paper examples, and even topics. Using our guide, you’ll be able to write even a complex personal philosophy of nursing paper in no time!

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What is the best length for an essay?

Most students can’t understand why they need to write an essay, how to write an essay and importantly, they always want to know how long is an essay in college. How long should an essay be, especially since they are written for different purposes? Usually, an essay is between 500 and 700 words. You can use an essay word counter – they count words and characters for you, but there is also an online editor that detects plagiarism and grammar mistakes too. Generally, essays are shorter than research papers, and your tutor should provide guidelines on the number of words or pages to be expected.

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170 Original Thesis Topics and Ideas For Your Winning Paper

Throughout your college and graduate school career, you will be required to write hundreds of academic papers across myriad subjects. Choosing good thesis topics is just one of the major factors necessary to achieve academic excellence. This article does not tell you how to write a good thesis but focuses on the process of developing great senior thesis topics that are challenging yet don’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

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105 Original Capstone Project Ideas for STEM Students

What is a Capstone Project? A capstone project refers to a final or culminating project high school or college seniors need to earn their degrees. It’s usually a project that takes several months to complete and should demonstrate students’ command over particular subjects within an area of study. It may be similar to master’s thesis writing. There are endless capstone project ideas to choose from, but sometimes students struggle to come up with research topic ideas, so we’ve explored several fresh capstone project topics for consideration.

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Theoretical Framework Examples In Research and Key Concepts

What is a theory? Theories exist to explain phenomena, and the theoretical framework is the structure that supports a theory of a research study.

Students have to write a thesis or dissertation – a research project for the final assignment of a PhD degree. The dissertation allows students to present their findings in response to a question they choose themselves.

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How to Write the Statement of the Problem in Research

Do you want to write a dissertation problem statement for your academic paper? In this case, you probably know already that the dissertation problem statement is the first step towards writing the research proposal. And yes, it is a very important part of your dissertation. Truth be told, everyone working on a complex paper such as a dissertation, that requires extensive research, should start with a dissertation problem statement. You will learn why in just a bit. For now, let’s explain what problem statements really are, how you write them and then show you a couple of excellent examples. We believe that you will be able to do a far better job writing the problem statement if you read a couple of examples.

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How Long Does It Take to Get a PhD?

Are you wondering how long does it take to get a PhD? Do you need a master’s to get a PhD? These are the questions that most students in their final years struggling with. As a student, you’ve already dedicated years upon years to studying and learning new things. You are almost an expert. And this is precisely why you are probably wondering if you should commit to studying a couple more years to get a PhD. Do you need it? How will it help you? But the most important question is “how long will it take you to get it?”

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Why College or School Makes Me Depressed – Reasons and Solutions

College makes me depressed and I don’t want to continue. You probably don’t know how many times we’ve heard this from students. Truth be told, studies show that over 30% of all college students are suffering from various forms of depression. This stat is worrying. In some cases, depression can be very dangerous. Students lose their interest in school and start to drop out. In extreme cases, people turn to drink and drugs to cope with depression.

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How To Write a Dissertation Introduction

Are you working hard on your Ph.D. dissertation and you’ve hit writer’s block? Or perhaps you don’t know what to write in the introduction. You are probably aware that writing a dissertation introduction is not as easy as you imagined. The truth is that this section is extremely important. It can make or break your thesis. The good news is that you can easily learn how to write a dissertation introduction if you read our quick guide and our list of tips and tricks. However, remember that the introduction is just one of the many parts of your dissertation. There are many more important parts, such as the dissertation conclusion that you need to write. So don’t focus solely on the introduction.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Structure a Thesis

At some point in your academic pursuit, you must have done some form of academic writing. Therefore, writing a thesis should not be entirely new to you if you pursue a master’s and possibly a doctorate. However, writing a thesis is not as easy as it sounds. It takes more than just your time, commitment, energy, and willpower to finish it; you also have to make your claims or solutions succinct enough concerning the problem(s) you are addressing.

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The Best Software for Writing Your Dissertation

It takes dedication, effort, and hard work for you to complete your dissertation. Most undergraduate coursework will take you a semester or two to finish. But, writing a dissertation will take you up to three years.

There are no shortcuts, but with dissertation writing help, you can always optimize the process and work smarter. In this digital era, you do not have to strain and overwork to get the best dissertation writing results. You can use dissertation apps and software when writing to help make your project easier.

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221 Interesting Thesis Topics for IT Students

Did you know that one of the most important parts of writing your dissertation is finding the best topic possible? You are probably having serious problems finding a topic for your thesis. After all, the thesis topics IT students are looking for are pretty rare. The reality is that in the IT field, most topics have already been written about. There are few things left to write it seems. Well, things are a bit different. We are here to assure you that you can find thesis topics for IT students. Also, we want to assure you that it is not at all difficult to find an interesting topic that you can write an engaging paper about. We will provide you with 21 such topics shortly. College students can use our topics for free; we are very happy to help!

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