130+ Original Linguistics Research Topics: Ideas To Focus On

Linguistics research topics

Linguistics is an exciting course to learn. Unfortunately, writing a research paper or essay or write my thesis in linguistics is not as easy. Many students struggle to find a good research topic to write about. Finding a good research topic is crucial because it is the foundation of your paper. It will guide your research and dictate what you write.

Most students turn to the internet to find research paper topics. Sadly, most sources provide unoriginal and basic topics. For this reason, this article provides some creative sample research topics for English majors.

Creative Language Research Topics

Linguistics is a fascinating subject with so many research topic options. Check out the following creative research topics in language

  1. How you can use linguistic patterns to locate migration paths
  2. Computers and their effect on language creation
  3. The internet and its impacts on modern language
  4. Has text messages helped create a new linguistic culture?
  5. Language and change; how social changes influence language development
  6. How language changes over time
  7. How effective is non-verbal communication in communicating emotions?
  8. Verbal communication and emotional displays: what is the link?
  9. The negative power of language in internet interactions
  10. How words change as society develops
  11. Is the evolution of languages a scientific concept?
  12. Role of technology in linguistics

Argumentative Research Titles About Language

Argumentative essay topics should state your view on a subject so you can create content to defend the view and convince others that it is logical and well-researched. Here are some excellent language research titles examples

  1. Society alters words and their meanings over time
  2. Children have a better grasp of new language and speech than adults
  3. Childhood is the perfect time to develop speech
  4. Individuals can communicate without a shared language
  5. Learning more than one language as a child can benefit individuals in adulthood
  6. Elementary schools should teach students a second language
  7. Language acquisition changes at different growth stages
  8. The impact of technology on linguistics
  9. Language has significant power to capitalize on emotions
  10. The proper use of language can have positive impacts on society

English Language Research Topics For STEM Students

Research topics for STEM students do not differ much from those for college and high school students. However, they are slightly more targeted. Find an excellent research title about language for your paper below:

  1. How does language promote gender differences?
  2. Music and language evolution: the correlation
  3. Slang: development and evolution in different cultures
  4. Can language create bonds among cross-cultural societies?
  5. Formal vs informal language: what are the differences?
  6. Age and pronunciation: what is the correlation?
  7. How languages vary across STEM subjects
  8. Are STEM students less proficient in languages?
  9. The use of language in the legal sector
  10. The importance of non-verbal communication and body language
  11. How politeness is perceived through language choices and use
  12. The evolution of English through history

Social Media Research Topics About Language

Did you know you can find excellent social media research topics if you do it right? Check out the following social media language research titles:

  1. The role of the internet in promoting language acquisition
  2. A look at changes in languages since social media gained traction
  3. How social media brings new language
  4. How effective are language apps in teaching foreign languages?
  5. The popularity of language applications among learners
  6. A study of the impact of the internet on the spreading of slang
  7. Social media as a tool for promoting hate language
  8. Free speech vs hate speech: what is the difference?
  9. How social media platforms can combat hate language propagation
  10. How can social media users express emotions through written language?
  11. Political censorship and its impact on the linguistics applied in the media
  12. The differences between social media and real-life languages

The Best Quantitative Research Topics About Language

A language research title can be the foundation of your quantitative research. Find some of the best examples of research topics for English majors here:

  1. Language barriers in the healthcare sector
  2. What percentage of kids below five struggle with languages?
  3. Understanding the increase in multilingual people
  4. Language barriers and their impact on effective communication
  5. Social media and language: are language barriers existent in social media?
  6. Bilingualism affects people’s personalities and temperaments
  7. Can non-native teachers effectively teach local students the English language?
  8. Bilingualism and its impact on social perceptions
  9. The new generative grammar concept: an in-depth analysis
  10. Racist language: its history and impacts
  11. A look into examples of endangered languages
  12. Attitudes toward a language and how it can impact language acquisition

More Creative Sociolinguistics Research Topics

You can choose a research topic about language based on social issues, science concerns like biochemistry topics, and much more. Sociolinguistics is the study of the correlation between language and society and the application of language in various social situations. Here are some excellent research topics in sociolinguistics:

  1. An analysis of how sociolinguistics can help people understand multi-lingual language choices
  2. An analysis of sociolinguistics through America’s color and race background
  3. The role of sociolinguistics in children development
  4. Comparing sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics
  5. Sociolinguistics and gender empowerment: an analysis of their correlation
  6. How media houses use sociolinguistics to create bias and gain a competitive advantage
  7. The value of sociolinguistics education in the teaching of discipline
  8. The role played by sociolinguistics in creating social change throughout history
  9. Research methods used in sociolinguistics
  10. Different sociolinguistics and their role in English evolution
  11. Sociolinguistics: an in-depth analysis
  12. What is sociolinguistics, and what is its role in language evolution?

Research Topics In English Language Education For Students

A good research topic in English will serve as the guiding point for your research paper. Find a suitable research topic for English majors below:

  1. Types of indigenous languages
  2. Language s an essential element of human life
  3. Language as the primary communication medium
  4. The value of language in society
  5. The negative side of coded language
  6. School curriculums and how they influence languages
  7. Linguistics: a forensic language
  8. Elements that influence people’s ability to learn a new language
  9. The development of the English language
  10. How the English language borrows from other languages
  11. Multilingualism: an insight
  12. The correlation between metaphors and similes

Top Thesis Topics In Language

Many students struggle to find good thesis topics in language and linguistics. As you read more on the thesis statement about social media, make sure you also understand every thesis title about language from the following examples:

  1. The classification of human languages
  2. The application of different tools in language identification
  3. The role of linguists in language identification
  4. The contributions of Greek philosophers to language development
  5. The origin of language: early speculations
  6. The history of language through the scope of mythology
  7. Theories that explain the origin and development of language
  8. Is language the most effective form of communication
  9. The impact of brain injuries on language
  10. Language impacts on sports
  11. Linguistics intervention that won’t work in this century
  12. Language as a system of symbols

Creative Language And Gender Research Topics

Just like economic research paper topics, gender and language topics do not have to stick to the norms or the standards by which all students write. You can exercise some creativity when creating your topic. Discover a topic about language and gender from this list:

  1. Language and gender: what is the correlation?
  2. How different genders perceive language
  3. Does a kid’s gender influence their grasp of languages?
  4. Men vs Women: a statistical overview of their multilingual prowess.
  5. The perception of language from the female standpoint
  6. The difference between female and male language use
  7. The use of language as a tool for connection between females and males
  8. Does gender have an impact on efficient communication
  9. Does gender impact word choices in conversations?
  10. Females have an easier time learning two or more languages
  11. What makes female and male language choices differ?
  12. Are females better at communicating using spoken language?

Language Education Research Topics On Social Issues

There are many social issues related to language education that you can cover in your research paper. Check out the following topics about language related to social issues research topics for your research:

  1. Language translation: what makes it possible
  2. How does the mother tongue influence pronunciation?
  3. Issues that encourage people to learn different languages
  4. Sign language: origin and more
  5. Role of language in solving conflicts
  6. Language and mental health: a vivid analysis
  7. The similarities between English and French languages
  8. Language disorders: an overview
  9. Common barriers to language acquisition
  10. The impact of mother tongue on effective communication
  11. Reasons you should learn two or more languages
  12. The benefits of multilingualism in the corporate world
  13. Language and identity: what is the correlation?

Research Title About Language Acquisition

Language acquisition is the process by which people gain the ability to understand and produce language. Like anatomy research paper topics, language acquisition is a great area to focus your linguistics research. Here are some research questions that bring the focus of the study of linguistic and language acquisition:

  1. Language acquisition: an overview
  2. What attitudes do people have about language acquisition
  3. How attitude can impact language acquisition
  4. The evolution of language acquisition over time
  5. Language and ethnicity: their correlation
  6. Do native English speakers have an easier time acquiring new languages?
  7. A case study on political language
  8. Why is language acquisition a key factor in leadership
  9. Language acquisition and mother tongue pronunciation: the link
  10. Ambiguity as a barrier to language acquisition
  11. How words acquire their meanings


While a good topic can help capture the reader and create a good impression, it is insufficient to earn you excellent grades. You also need quality content for your paper to get perfect grades. However, creating a high-quality research paper takes time, effort, and skill, which most students do not have.

For these reasons, we offer quality research paper writing services for all students. We guarantee quality papers, timely deliveries, and originality. Reach out to our writers for top linguistics research papers today!

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