130+ Hospitality Research Topics: Great Ideas

Hospitality research topics

A research paper is mandatory for all students to graduate from a course, including hospitality courses. Research in the hospitality industry can be easy if you have the right topic. So, one of the first things you should prioritize before starting your hospitality research is finding an excellent topic.

A good topic for research in hospitality will serve as the foundation for your paper. It will also attract readers and trigger interest in your paper. Are you looking for a research title in the hospitality industry that guarantees a top grade? Check out the following examples in this article:

Great Hospitality Industry Research Topics

Research topics on the hospitality industry should focus on the key and hot topics faced in the sector. Here is a list of research titles for hotel and restaurant management:

  1. The origin and meaning of the word hospitality
  2. How different cultures view hospitality
  3. An in-depth look into the impacts of the COVID pandemic on the hospitality sector
  4. Hospitality and tourism: what is the link?
  5. Hospitality and hotel management: a comprehensive analysis
  6. The role of hospitality in the tourism sector
  7. Essential elements of the hospitality sector
  8. A strategic analysis of the hospitality sector in your country
  9. Etiquette in the hospitality sector
  10. Hospitality industry wages: what is fair?

Argumentative Essay Topics For Research In Hospitality Industry

An argumentative essay topic should state your opinion on a subject so you can argue it in the essay. Some argumentative essay topics on the hospitality industry are:

  1. Travel bans triggered by the COVID pandemic negatively impacted the hospitality sector
  2. The impacts of global trends on the hospitality sector
  3. Hospitality ethics: an in-depth analysis
  4. The relationship between a host and guest about hospitality
  5. The contributions of the hospitality sector to global economic growth
  6. Sustainability as a global trend in the hospitality sector
  7. The development of sustainability in the hospitality sector
  8. Challenges encountered by the hospitality sector in the 21st century
  9. Technology as a tool for change in the hospitality sector
  10. Hospitality in Christian and Islam culture

Creative Hospitality Management Research Topics

Creativity is a vital element when choosing a research topic. It will make your essay stand out and attract readers. Here are some great examples of research topics about hospitality management and their reasons:

  1. Qualities of an effective hotel manager
  2. How customer service can influence the quality of hotel management
  3. Full-service vs. limited-service hotels: the difference in their hotel management
  4. How large hotels conduct revenue management
  5. Hotel management in European nations
  6. How can hotel management impact an establishment’s success?
  7. Financial accounting is a critical part of hotel management
  8. Hotel management: a comprehensive overview
  9. The impact of the internet on hotel management
  10. The role of hotel management on guest satisfaction rates

Social Media Research Topic About Hospitality Industry

You should always find social media research topics for your hospitality research paper. Check out the following hospitality research topics:

  1. The impact of social media on the hospitality sector
  2. How companies in the hospitality sector take advantage of the power of the internet
  3. The social media influencer trend and its impact on the hospitality sector
  4. How hospitality practitioners use the internet to enhance their services
  5. Hospitality training and the internet
  6. Technology as a tool for hospitality training
  7. The role of the internet in hospitality diversification
  8. Social media and its impact on hospitality diversification
  9. Strategic ways for hospitality companies to take advantage of technology and the internet
  10. Social media and hospitality: the correlation

Excellent Research Title About Hospitality Management

An excellent research title can play a vital role in earning good grades. Find a sample of a thesis statement about social media and more titles about hospitality management below:

  1. What is the role of a hotel manager
  2. Types of hotel managers in large establishments
  3. Core issues in the hospitality management sector
  4. Salary expectations for hotel managers
  5. The core roles of facility managers in the hospitality sector
  6. Hospitality as a virtue independent of the hospitality sector
  7. Factors that prevent hospitality managers from providing effective services
  8. Hotel marketing management: a comprehensive assessment
  9. Hotel revenue management: a comprehensive assessment
  10. Hotel management in your country

Tourism And Hospitality Research Topics For STEM

Tourism and hospitality often go hand in hand. So, you can cover the two elements in your research paper if you have an ideal topic that brings these concepts together. Check out the following research topics for STEM students:

  1. The tourism and hospitality sector after the coronavirus pandemic
  2. The long-term effects of travel bans on the tourism and hospitality sector
  3. What is the way forward for the tourism and hospitality sector after the pandemic?
  4. Online tourism: an in-depth analysis
  5. Advances in the tourism and hospitality sector
  6. Social advancing and tourism management: a comprehensive overview
  7. Medical tourism: an analysis
  8. Impacts of social media on the tourism and hospitality sector
  9. Impacts of government regulations on the tourism and hospitality sector
  10. The impacts of natural hazards on the tourism and hospitality sector

Sustainability Research Topics For Tourism And Hospitality

Sustainability research topics are critical for all tourism and hospitality students. Find research topics and ideas for tourism students related to sustainability below:

  1. Sustainability in the tourism sector
  2. Tourism sustainability: perspectives of guests and practitioners
  3. Sustainable tourism as a tool for heritage and culture preservation
  4. A study of sustainable tourism in mountainous destinations
  5. The practice of sustainable tourism in island destinations
  6. Challenges encountered in sustainable tourism
  7. The impacts of sustainable tourism on the digital world
  8. Sustainable tourism efforts for disaster prevention
  9. The impacts of the pandemic on sustainable tourism
  10. How is sustainable tourism measured?

Amazing Research Title About Hospitality Industry

A creative research title will show your reader what to expect from the rest of your paper. It creates a good first impression. Find a good thesis title or professional thesis writer about the hospitality industry below:

  1. Tourism marketing and sustainable tourism: an in-depth study
  2. Hospitality and tourism in emerging economies
  3. The correlation between ecotourism and sustainable tourism
  4. The impacts of politics in the hospitality sector
  5. An evaluation of local tourism and hospitality sectors
  6. The profitability of the hospitality sector
  7. How governments can improve their hospitality sectors
  8. The effect of local communities on the hospitality and tourism sector
  9. Sustainability is a critical trend in the hospitality sector
  10. A comparative analysis of the hospitality sector in the US and Europe

Top Hotel And Restaurant Management Thesis Topics In the Philippines

Hotel and restaurant management are significant topics in the Philippines. So, writing a good essay on these topics can come in handy for your academic performance. Find a good research title about hotel and restaurant management below:

  1. Hotel and restaurant management ethics in the Philippines
  2. Hotel and restaurant management laws in the Philippines
  3. Why should hotels invest in restaurants?
  4. The concept of perverse hospitality in the Philippines
  5. Hotel and restaurant management salaries in the Philippines
  6. The role of the Philippino government in hotel and restaurant management policies
  7. Strict hotel and restaurant management policies in the Philippines
  8. Smoking bans in hotels in the Philippines
  9. Fair wages in the hotel and restaurant management sector in the Philippines
  10. The concept of hospitality in Philippino hotel and restaurant management

Research Topics In Hospitality Management For Social Students

Students studying social sciences can write research papers on hospitality management because these subjects are related. Find a research topic about hospitality management that covers social issues below. All social issues research topics are actionable.

  1. Hospitality training for hotel workers
  2. Flight attendants and hospitality: an overview
  3. How to conduct hospitality training for flight attendants
  4. How hotel managers can maximize profits in the hospitality sectors
  5. Challenges experienced in hospitality management
  6. Barriers to success in hospitality management
  7. The value of the hospitality sector for the global economy
  8. Hospitality management and augmented reality: an in-depth overview
  9. Safety precautions in hospitality management since the CORONA pandemic
  10. How local governments depend on the hospitality sector

Research Topic For Hospitality Management For Economy Students

The hospitality management sector and the economy industry often influence each other. So, you can write a paper that explains their link. Here are some economic research paper topics in hospitality management:

  1. How hospitality economics impact overall country economics
  2. How the hospitality sector can improve their profits
  3. Challenges hindering the hospitality sector from growth
  4. Hospitality laws and profitability: the correlation
  5. The best ways the hospitality market can improve their finance management
  6. Finance management in hospitality: an overview
  7. Personalization as a tool for promoting growth in the hospitality sector
  8. Countries that benefit the most from the hospitality sector
  9. Inbound tourism: its impact on the global economy
  10. Tourism and hospitality as tools for economic growth

Outstanding Research Title For Hospitality Management Students

Hospitality management is a popular course; all students must complete a research paper to graduate. So, you ought to be creative with your paper, especially the title, so it does not look like anyone else’s. Let us look at some excellent hospitality management thesis topics:

  1. The best tourist attractions
  2. Tourism management perceptions according to various cultures
  3. Diverse views of hospitality management
  4. Can hospitality management be taught?
  5. An in-depth look at ways hospitality management can be trained
  6. Hospitality management training for restaurant workers
  7. Key elements in hotel management
  8. How hotel management can influence its customer satisfaction rates
  9. How many managers should a hotel have
  10. Management and hospitality: a comprehensive guide

Leading Thesis Title For Hospitality Management

The hospitality management sector is prone to many changes. So you can easily find a current topic for your research paper. As you check out the hospitality thesis topics highlighted below, take some time to read about anatomy research paper topics.

  1. How competitive is the hospitality management sector?
  2. Causes of the high turnover in the hospitality sector
  3. Strategies that guide management organizations in the hospitality
  4. Hospitality management in Australia
  5. How the hospitality sector does employee management
  6. Basic training elements for hospitality management
  7. What type of training do hospitality management practitioners go through?
  8. The value of hospitality management
  9. Changes in hospitality management brought about by the internet
  10. How online reviews influence the hospitality management sector


Choosing the right topic is the first step to writing a good research or thesis paper in hospitality management. However, many students struggle to prepare quality research papers. If you are one of such students, worry not because we have got you covered.

You can trust us with your research paper writing needs. Our writers will help you create a paper that matches your quality topic to earn you excellent grades. Contact our writers today and get your quality research paper in no time. Feel free to read more on biochemistry topics.

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